The latest report of flu activity across Michigan shows that statewide activity has remained close to steady.  It has gone down slightly in some regions.

Southwest Michigan is not so lucky.

Reports of flu-like symptoms are up over 500% in Southwest Michigan. 

The Michigan Department of Community Health creates four regions when reporting on statewide flu activity.

Kent, Ottawa, Ionia, and Allegan counties are in the "Central" region, just north of the "Southwest" region which begins with Barry and Eaton counties.  The Southwest region runs a little east of Barry and Eaton, then all the way south to the border.

The Southwest region reported that 10.5% of office/clinic visits were for flu-like illness for the week ending January 5.  For the week ending December 29 the Southwest region reported 2% of visits were for flu-like symptoms.

It is expected that Christmas break played a factor in keeping visits down for the week ending December 29.  Add that to that fact that we're always looking at data that can't keep pace with the spread of the flu and it's hard to know what to expect now or in the near future.  Even with the limitations, it's still helpful to see where the flu has been reported.

Reports of flu-like illness were at 3.2% in "Central" Michigan.  The Central region covers Kent, Ottawa, and most of West Michigan.  It also runs further north, then all the way to the eastern end of the state.