Recycle and reap rewards.  That's the message the city of Grand Rapids sent today after unveiling its new program.  Every time the city  recycling truck picks up recyclables at your curb, you get points which  in turn can be used for products and services offered by different local first business in town.

Currently, the average city resident recycles about 28 pounds every two weeks, City Manager Greg Sundstrom said. At 10 points per pound, the average participant can earn 560 points every four weeks.

That's enough to get the “Buy One Entree, Get One Free” deal that's available for 500 points at the Derby Station restaurant or a free yoga class available for 500 points at The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse. San Chez Bistro is offering a free cafe press pot or mocha for 300 points

Rewards will be listed on