Pro-Pet is voluntary recalling some dry dog and cat foods because of possible Salmonella contamination.  This includes their Hubbard Life dog and cat food, Joy Combo cat food and QC Plus dog food.

There have been NO reports of illness because of this contamination or recall. An FDA field test showed that items made in a single production line may be contaminated.

Salmonella can affect animals who eat the product.  And there is risk to you from handling the food, especially if you haven't washed your hands after handling the food.

Signs that your pet has a Salmonella infection include lethargy and diarrhea (possible bloody diarrhea), fever, and vomiting. You may not notice such clear signs of infection; some animals may just have decreased appetite, a fever and abdominal pain.

Here is what to look for...

  • Pro-Pet QC Plus Adult Dog Food: Best by date of 05/07/14. Lot code starting with 097 13 SM L2. UPC starting with 23517801.
  • Pro-Pet Joy Combo Cat Food: Best by date of 05/06/14. Lot code 096 13 SM L2. UPC starting with 70654077
  • Pro-Pet Hubbard Life Cat & Dog Food: Best by date05/06/14. Lot code starting with 096 13 SM L2.  UPC starting with 121903387

If your pet has eaten any of the affected food, contact your vet immediately. For more information on the recall, click here to access FDA.GOV or call Pro-Pet at 888-765-4190.