All of us here at The River love furry and feathered animals. Usually that means dogs or cats. But what about penguins?

You probably saw the "March Of the Penguins" movie narrated by Morgan Freeman. Maybe you know "Opus" the penguin from the cartoon pages. Or maybe you've seen penguins at John Ball Zoo here in Grand Rapids. Regardless of where you've seen them, you know what penguins look like, right?

Researchers found a rare "blond" penguin in Antarctica. The website "" calls it a "mutant" penguin, but I think he or she would have its feelings hurt by that. (LOL) He's just a little different, right?

From the website:
The condition is known as isabellinism or leucism (like "leukocyte," or white blood cells). Animals with isabellinism have a genetic mutation that dilutes pigments in the feathers. Leucistic birds have a mutation that restricts the dissemination of pigment to feathers.

Check out the video!