"The first thing I ever loved in my life was a pigeon", says Mike Tyson in a commercial for his new show "Taking on Tyson" on Animal Planet. Which, to be honest, sounded a little nutty to me. I thought, weird, an entire show about Mike Tyson's love for pigeons? What I didn't know was that the show would be about pigeon racing, which frankly, I didn't know existed.  But exist it does, and PETA is none to happy about the show's portrayal of it. Members protested outside of Tyson's house yesterday, following the "Taking On Tyson" 's debut  on Sunday night.

Mike Tyson's new show about pigeon racing is much a-coo about nothing -- unless you belong to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Upset by the show's portrayal of a "sport" that often leaves its winged competitors grounded for good, about 20 people on Monday flocked outside Tyson's gated Seven Hills neighborhood with signs decrying the former boxing champ's role in pigeon racing.

"Mike doesn't give pigeons a fighting chance," read some signs. "Featherweights: No match for a heavyweight," read others.

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