Earlier this week FORBES released a list of the 10 Most Dangerous Cities For Women.

Fortunately GR isn't on that list, but at least two other Michigan cities are.

Forbes used data from the FBI on violent crimes, forcible rape, robbery, assault and reported incidences "non-forcible" rape (date-rape, statutory rape and other sexual assaults) to compile the list.

Here's are the most dangerous cities for women:

#10 - Memphis, TN

#9 - Battle Creek, MI

#8 - Lawton, OK

#7 - Pine Bluff, AR

#6 - Flint, MI

#5 - Redding, CA

#4 - Springfield, IL

#3 - Fairbanks, AK

#2 - Anchorage, AK

#1 - Saginaw, MI

From Forbes: "To calculate cities where women are at risk for becoming victims of both violent crimes and sexual assault, we analyzed data from the FBI Uniform Crime Report, which tallies crime data for each of the country’s metropolitan statistical areas, regions that usually consist of a large city and its suburbs or clusters of closely linked smaller cities, and metropolitan divisions, which are core areas within some of the larger MSAs.

We used the FBI’s numbers for violent crimes including murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault in addition to reported incidences of rape in each metro area.