Mackinac Bridge appears to have become the new "bridge to nowhere" after Michigan's Upper Peninsula came up missing in an official map at

The map, which was used to show the expansion of Medicaid, was missing Michigan's Upper Peninsula. has more:

Russell Magnaghi, professor of history and director of the Center for Upper Peninsula studies at Northern Michigan University, said leaving the U.P. off the map is akin to leaving off the top half of California or Florida's panhandle.

"I think a lot of outsiders don't realize that Michigan includes the U.P.," he said. "They should, but I don't know if our study in geography in schools today has been very good.

"If the government is doing something, (if it's) something put out by the White House, they should have a little better knowledge of the configuration of the country."

Guess all that talk of U.P. secession will have to wait.

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