It's no secret that Michigan roads need some work.  But budgets are limited and time is short.  And what about rail and other mass transit?  Where and how do we prioritize future transportation projects in Michigan?

MDOT is searching for the answers and wants your input.

MDOT officials were in Grand Rapids Tuesday night to discuss a plan that will run through 2035.  WZZM reports:

There are key factors MDOT is discussing. First is road quality, but they are also considering other investments, like bussing. MDOT believes more aging baby boomers will turn to public transportation.

Another cost to meet the needs of baby boomers; Larger lettering for road signs, making them easier to see.

"We have far more needs than we do funding at this time, but within the funding we have we're trying to prioritize that within the areas that we have, every existing system is a priority," says Dennis Kent, Region Transportation Planner, M-DOT Grand Region.

All are invited to provide feedback on the plan which will be finalized next month.