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Whatever happens tonight on DWTS,  Actress Kirstie Alley has already won.  Kirstie is the fan favorite;  she's made it to the final round, she's revitalized her career and lost a ton of weight doing it.

Just how much weight Kirstie has lost, she isn't saying.  But she did admit to being down to her "Oprah weight"  in 2006 when she stepped out on stage in a bikini.

I think I'm at that right now," she says. "But I need to be less than that. When I saw the Oprah deal, I thought, this looks like a rappers' girlfriend... too much on the thighs, too much on the butt."

So after gaining all of the weight back and then losing it again, Alley says she's sporting a size 6 in her DWTS garments -- but she doesn't trust it. "The stylists brought me 4s and 6s this week," she says, "but they're kind of stretchy so I'll look for the dress that's immovable."

What size will make her happy? A "legitimate" 4. "I have one Alexander McQueen [dress] that's a legitimate 4... it doesn't move," she says, saying it will give her peace. "When I'm in that... looking hot."


Kirstie Alley is having the time of her life on DWTS and it's contagious.  She may not be the best dancer on stage tonight, but she is the real deal!  Go get 'em Kirstie!