Janet Genow of Bethany Christian Services in Grand Rapids has won a prize package for being an outstanding administrative professional!

I had the pleasure of stopping by Bethany Christian Services to deliver Janet's prize package yesterday.

Once I arrived I joined about 20 of her coworkers as we hid in a room.  Another coworker went to get Janet and brought her back to "get a delivery".

Let's just say she was a little surprised by what she found.

Thanks to Robin Bright for nominating her!  In my short time at Bethany Christian Services it was easy to see what Janet means to the entire staff!

Congrats again, Janet!  Enjoy your flowers from Eastern Floral, chocolates from Kilwin's downtown in the McKay Tower, and your awards from Terryberry!

...and Janet, remember, you are under no obligation to share your chocolates!

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