The warm weather is here. It's time to get things done around the house. Here in Grand Rapids we've already had a bumper crop of grass to mow, and other home and yard projects are beckoning to be done.

Keeping the whole family safe while the house is transformed into a construction zone of chores and repairs would be hard enough if nobody was around, but this is the summer season in West Michigan, and families don't slow down for anything. The whole family zips in and out of the house and yard with a thousand agendas, and it's easy to forget to be careful around tools and projects.

Here is a whole website of tips from The Home Safety Council to help keep families, kids and guests safe around the house while the mowing, weeding, painting, cleaning and building is underway.

By the way, if you want me to come over to your house next week and help you fix the leaks in your roof, I find that rather interesting.