This should come as no surprise, CBS Evening News Anchor Katie Couric is reportedly ready to walk away from her job.  Although Couric has not publicly announced her future plans, her rep told E! News Katie will likely leave before her five-year anniversary in June.  I always enjoyed Katie on the Today show, but I admit I don't watch the CBS Evening News.  I don't watch the Today show that much anymore either.  She is a versatile interviewer -- who handles the soft stuff and well as the tough interview.  She would make the  perfect talks how host.  Not surprisingly, that could be her next career.

The 54-year-old has long been rumored to be in talks with other network bigwigs in advance of her June 4 contract expiration, and now she's expected to launch a syndicated talk show of her own.

Several production companies are said to be jockeying for her services in the post-Oprah Winfrey era, with a targeted launch date of fall 2012.

"It's still too early, but it will be a smart, engaged show that's very topical," a source familiar with the situation told E! News. "She felt confined in this role she had."

E! News

Couric's spokesman, Matthew Hiltzik, seconded that with a "ditto" and told E! News that although nothing has been finalized or announced Couric should be announcing her decision within a few weeks.