The night before Thanksgiving is often called the "busiest bar night of the year".

But is it?

We talked to bartenders and bar managers all over Grand Rapids and got the answer.

Thanksgiving Eve will be a busy night if you are going out for a drink.  With all of the work and stress that the holidays can bring, enjoying a drink with friends and family is a fun way to relax.  The food and cleaning can wait a few hours.

Bars and restaurants will be busy.  But will it be their busiest night of the year?  Here's what some bartenders and managers around Grand Rapids had to say:

Katie Wojciakowski, Manager at Mojo's says:

In the last 10 years at Mojo's we have had quite a few nights break any record set by New Year's Eve and the night before Thanksgiving.  Those nights were just regular normal nights with no big bar holiday or anything.


  • Hope at O'Tooles said it is probably their second busiest night.  St. Patrick's Day is the busiest.
  • The Winchester called New Year's Eve their busiest.
  • The B.O.B. said it is busy, but not the busiest.

Others seemed to agree.  The night before Thanksgiving is one of their busier nights, but not "the busiest of the year".

Myth busted.