Ice cover on the Great Lakes is confusing some waterfowl and causing them to become stranded.

Learn what you can do to help.

The Michigan DNR says that waterfowl get stranded each winter, but this winter's expanded ice cover is creating a big problem.

The cold winter weather of the past few weeks has caused the bays and waters of the Great Lakes to freeze much further into the center than in recent years.

Rather than move far into the deep waters of the lakes, some waterfowl are moving from the larger, freezing waters of the Great Lakes and are looking for open water bodies inland. In foggy, snowy, low-visibility conditions, these birds are mistaking icy roadways and driveways for inland water bodies and are becoming stranded on land.

If you find a stranded waterfowl seek help from a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

If you a dead waterfowl contact your local DNR Wildlife Field Office or Operations Service Center.

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