Yes it's dorky, but we can't help ourselves!  Our pets just look so cute in their little Halloween outfits!

There are many options for costumes for your pets in stores.  Shopping online will come up with thousands of ideas.  Here are a few store-bought options we found that we couldn't resist:


Dino-dog!  Yes, there is a dog in there. This one looks expensive, but it's worth it for the awesomeness! Plus, it can be cold on Halloween in Grand Rapids, what better way to keep your dog warm?

Bunny costumes!  These were, most likely, created for cats or small dogs, but why not use them on your rabbit?

Santa Cat.  Switch it up for Halloween and throw everyone off with your Christmas Cat.  Bonus: he can wear it again in December!  I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

Banana Pooch?  It even has slits for your dog's ears! Hahaha this is enough to "split" my sides laughing.

Now, there is always a cheaper route.  There are lots of clothes NOT made for pets that still work for Halloween:


Baby doll clothes.  Most cats and many dogs are small enough to fit into clothes made for dolls.  Just make sure they are wearing a skirt or you cut holes in it so there aren't any potty accidents!

Children's clothes.  For bigger dogs, just shop in the children's section!  The same rule applies as before; make sure your dog can still go potty and wag his tail!

And, of course, you can always go above-and-beyond and create your own costume:


Necklaces.  He looks thrilled (and very pretty)! Paper works really well when folded around like this.  You can buy a cheap collar and glue or stitch paper pieces on to make your pet into a beautiful flower or ferocious lion!

Felt Fiesta!  Have a Chihuahua? Look up some designs from traditional mexican clothing, buy some felt, and start gluing!

Hats!  Why not make a tiny felt hat for your...lizard?  I'm not sure how this hat is staying on his head, but isn't he a cute Mad Hatter?  Cylinder and hat forms can be bought at any craft store - just cover them with felt and add a chin-strap.

Lego my puppy!  What you need: a cardboard box, lots of paper, and anything to make the round pegs.  Many craft stores have cylinder forms or round potting foam, among other things.  Just cover everything with paper and add chest and/or belly straps.

Super Crafty!!  The Force is strong with whoever made this costume!  If you have a lot of time on your hands and are good with a sewing machine or glue gun - anything is possible.

Or, you can just buy pet-friendly fur coloring spray!


Does anyone have any better ideas?  What has your pet been for Halloween?