Can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving.  All of us here at The River are very thankful to have you as listeners of our station. 

Wanted to let you know about a special thing happening today at Guiding Light Mission on South Division.  It's a Thanksgiving Dinner open to EVERYONE!  The dinner starts at 12:30pm, doors open at 11:30am with a worship service at 12:00n.  Attendees will be served a sit-down dinner by staff and volunteers.

From their press release:
About forty volunteers will work with staff throughout the day to help prepare food, decorate, and serve the community. Those who are without family to share the holiday will feel like they are with family when they share in this holiday meal.  We hope many in the community will enjoy a good meal, share a laugh with the people next to them, and experience the joy of tradition during our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner.