Grand Rapidians have been campaigning long and hard for this title, and now it's officially ours. Well, ours and another city's. has been running a contest for the last two weeks, attempting to determine which American city should hold the title of BeerCity, USA, and Grand Rapids has tied for the title with Asheville, NC.

According to author Charlie Papazian,

From the start it was clear that communities from several areas of the United States intended to make a run for winning the honor of becoming 2012 BeerCity USA. Facebook, Twitter, other community networks and local media were active throughout the 13-day polling period. With 55,926 votes cast for 31 different American cities the results clearly indicated that both Asheville, North Carolina and Grand Rapids topped the poll with a statistical tie.

Now, this is the first year that Grand Rapids has earned the title, so to share it with four-time winners Asheville is nothing to scoff at.

Votes were cast from 90 countries. It’s not surprising that the top two states from which votes were cast were Michigan with 10,560 and North Carolina with 8,164.

Grand Rapids boasts several great breweries including Founder's, Brewery Vivant, Schmoz Brewery, The Hideout and there are several more coming to the area in the coming months.

What's your favorite Grand Rapids Beer?