Grand Rapids' Cheshire Grill and Cherie Inn have been ranked as two of the most family-friendly restaurants in the United States by!

Each year, releases their "top 50 family-friendly restaurants."  They look at things like customer reviews, certificates purchased and restaurant menu's to assemble the list.

The Cheshire Grill is at 2162 Plainfield Avenue. From breakfast to burgers, a huge range of food is available all day. (And you get some complimentary "KarmaCorn" as you sit!).  Check out the Cheshire Grill HERE.

The Cherie Inn is at 969 Cherry Street just west of Easttown.  Breakfast and Lunch every Tuesday through Sunday until 2pm.  The Cherie Inn is GR's longest-running restaurant.  Check out the Cherie Inn HERE.

Other Michigan restaurants that appeared on the list include:

Now, let's eat!