Not to be outdone by rival General Motors, Ford Motor Company pulled the cover off of their latest version of the popular F-150 in grand fashion. The truck, dubbed the Atlas concept, was lowered from the ceiling of the historic Joe Louis Arena in Detroit this morning (January 15).

The unveiling of the 2015 F-150 Atlas concept is Ford's attempt to take the spotlight away from GM's Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks. According to USA Today, the latter two will go on sale this quarter while the F-150 won't make it to dealers until 2014.

The Atlas concept resembles the current generation of the F-150, with the greatest changes coming from the hood and front end aesthetically. The grill rounds out at the top and the front is more curved than previous iterations. One feature that will more than likely make it to the final production design is a rear spoiler that adjusts its height according to the truck's speed.

“It’s got the Ford face. No one will mistake it for anything but a Ford,” said Raj Nair, Ford's head of global product development.

Rumors have surfaced that the Atlas concept will be built extensively with lightweight materials such as aluminum, shaving as much as 700 pounds compared to the current F-150. However, Ford made no mention of what materials would be used during today's presentation, although Nair did state that the Atlas will weigh 250-700 pounds less.

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