A few areas of Michigan saw a drop in flu levels last week, West Michigan was not one of them.

Northern Michigan continues to have the highest level of reports of flu-like symptoms, but for the first time since last year, the rate of reports of the flu in northern Michigan are similar to those across the rest of the state.

For most of 2013 northern Michigan's flu levels have been double or even triple that of other regions of the state.  The dramatic fall last week is a good sign, but we still have a long ways to go.

West Michigan, which is a part of the Michigan Department of Community Health's "central region", has seen an increase in reports of the flu for two straight weeks.

West Michigan's rate of reports of flu-like symptoms from all visits to doctor's offices and clinics last week was 2.6%.  The rate across Michigan as a whole was 2.7%.  Northern Michigan had the highest rate at 4.5%.  Southwest Michigan's rate was the lowest at 1.0%.