On Sunday, February 10th, Breeana Dixit was struck by a car and killed.  She was a recent graduate from Western Michigan University and a transplant from St. Clair Shores.  Here family is mourning her loss and asking for help to pay for her funeral arrangements.  Her mother, Julie, set up a GoFundMe page for donations.

You can help out Breeana Dixit's family out by donating money to help with the funeral arrangements.  They have a goal set for $18,000 and they are really close.  Any donations will help.




Below you can read a note from Bree's mother thanking the people who have already donated:

Hello everyone, This is Julie (Bree's Mom) I just need to tell everyone how thankful we are. We are all amazed by the generosity. Breeana has some of the most wonderful, caring friends. I concider them a part of my family. I sit here with tears streaming down my face reading all the beautiful comments from her friends (and friends families) also the love from all the Appletree families (she loved working there and cherrished the children with all her heart) I would not have made it through these past days if it was not for the love and support of my dear family and friends and co-workers. The pictures, comments, and love shared here and on facebook has ment so much to me. I have read them over and over, they have pulled me up, soothed my broken heart and comforted me at my darkest hour. Thank you all I love you all