I'm reading my very first "E" book and I must say I am really Enjoying the Electronic Experience.   After saying she'd never get one, my wife is loving her Nook.  When she went to the Kent District Library website and downloaded the latest Cotton Malone adventure from author Steve Berry, I decided it was time I gave it a try too.  Barb is a fast reader -she devours books  in a day or two and moves on to the next book; so the nook is perfect for her.  I'm a much more deliberate (slower) reader.  I usually read a half hour at a time.  It's not unusual for me to take two or three weeks or more to read a book.  That means when I borrow a book from the library, I have to check it out again or pay late fees.  Much to my wife's chagrin, I have paid fines equal to or greater than the cost of the book I was reading.  Oh well,  back to the  whole "E" experience.  I enjoy holding a book, but after using a nook for 10 minutes I was sold.  You can adjust the font size...i.e. make it bigger!  The pages never got crinkled and you can even read with the lights  off.  I can see  getting a nook of my own in the not to distant future.  Only one problem.  Barb told me the Excellant Electronic E book from the library Expires Exactly two weeks after  downloading  it.

"So what's that mean," I asked.

"The file disappears.  You have to download it again and there's  already is a waiting list a mile long for that book."

Exactly the Encouragement I need to start reading faster!