West Michigan got hit with snow and cold early this week.  We also got hit with school cancellations.

The decision to delay or cancel school is not an easy one.

How is your school district doing?

Does your district have too many delays and cancellations?

The top consideration when choosing whether to delay or cancel school should always be student safety. Erring on the side of caution is my preference.  My kids' school was cancelled on Tuesday.  It seemed like the right call, even though it wasn't too bad.

The larger a district is geographically, the harder it is to make the call whether or not to delay or cancel.  One area might be hit hard, while another is not.  This is likely particularly true for fog delays.

I'd rather have kids stay home more days than necessary than be put in an unsafe situation even once.  Last year, my kids' school had a fogless fog delay.  But again, erring on the side of caution is fine with me.  Other areas of the district may have had a need for the fog delay.

For many parents, delays and cancellations cause hardship.   Last minute daycare or time off from work can be difficult to secure.  I feel for these parents, but student safety needs to remain the priority.