We will know all of the artists coming to ArtPrize 2013 when artist and venue connections close at 5:00pm today.

ArtPrize 2013 entries for the Grand River were announced yesterday.

Getting your art in the Grand River requires going through a multi-step process to obtain a permit from the State of Michigan.



  • Submit your idea to the City of Grand Rapids in March.
  • Wait as the city looks over the submissions and passes some on to the State of Michigan.
  • The state considers the environmental impact of the submissions and issues permits for those that are appropriate.

Let's take a look at what we'll see in the Grand River this year at ArtPrize.

"Good Luck Fish" by Lou Rodriguez

Rodriguez explains his piece at ArtPrize.org:

Picture this... a giant black, gold and red Koi coming onshore to say "hello" to all the ArtPrize visitors. The piece will be made entirely of scrap metal donated from the shop I work at, so it's good for the environment! The dimensions for the Koi will be...7 feet tall at the top of the dorsal fin, 10 feet wide between the pectoral fins and 16 feet long.  Visitors will be allowed to touch the fish and pose for a photo opportunity.

Silkwaves from Al and Laurie Roberts

ArtPrize.org explains "Silkwaves":

Soaring over 25 feet into the sky. Rapid waves of silk feathers fly in the Grand River. Fluttering in the slightest breeze between the Blue Bridge and Pearl Street. A rainbow of colors dancing joyfully in the sun.

Get a closer look at what to expect from Silkwaves below.

Large entries and entries at high-profile venues have both had a lot of success at ArtPrize. "Silkwaves" and "Good Luck Fish" are both going to be impossible to miss, making both of these entries ones to watch at ArtPrize 2013.

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