Christmas is a very busy time of year.  Shopping, parties, cooking, travel, etc.

Help make your Christmas time decoration projects go safe and smooth by checking out our list of decorating tips.

Beautiful Christmas decorations are an excellent way to celebrate the holiday, but safety is most important so let's look at that first.

1.) Keep your tree watered. A dry tree catches on fire in your home much easier than one that is moist. Also only keep a fresh cut tree about two weeks before it becomes too dry and dangerous.

2.) Don't burn your tree or old wrapping paper when the season is over. Your fire place isn't built to handle a fire that will burn that hot from the kindling.

3.) Don't dispose of your ashes in the garage. Instead put them in the back yard in a metal trash can with nothing else inside.

4.) Don't overload your outlets. It's a sure bet way to start a fire.

5.) Don't leave candles unattended.

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What are your Christmas decorating tricks and tips?