Think back to being a kid and opening a brand new box of Crayolas-- those sharp, unused tips! The array of colors! That fresh box of crayons smell! So exciting. Pretty sure I'm not the only kid who dreamed of coloring my fingernails every color in the Crayola box... and now I can! Well, some colors anyway-- Crayola has just released a new line of nail polish.

Eight brightly hued nail polishes come packaged in the classic yellow-and-green box -- Wild Strawberry, Robin's Egg Blue, and Canary among the set.

I'm not exactly sure if the polishes are aimed at kids or adults waxing nostalgic about their childhoods-- but, for $12, I'm pretty into it.

Which Crayola color was your favorite-- Burnt Sienna, Pink Flamingo, Jazzberry Jam, Magic Mint? And, would you want to wear it on your nails?