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Christmas Means Great Surfing In Grand Haven [Video]
The Rock Pile Gang, so named for the piles of rocks that line the Grand Haven Pier, have been winter surfers along Lake Michigan for years. So when the wind kicked up the surf and kicked down the wind chill, these brave souls jumped in the water to surf.
Store Bought Cookie Life Hack
Sometimes you want a fresh baked cookie, but you don't want to actually bake one. Here's how to get the straight out of the oven texture from a store bought cookie.
Mystery of Civil War Letters Mailed To Newaygo Solved
In April 2015 an envelope full of letters written from an infantryman serving in the 26th Michigan Regiment during the Civil War arrived at the Newaygo Post Office. The envelope they arrived in was post marked 'Grand Rapids' and had no return address.
Who mailed them, and why?

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