4 out 5 major tobacco companies sued the Federal Government on Tuesday, over the mandate to place graphic warnings on cigarette packaging. Big tobacco says the warnings violate their free speech rights.

In June,  the FDA approved nine new warnings to rotate on cigarette packs. One warning label will be a picture of a dead body with its chest sewed up and the words: "Smoking can kill you." Another  has a picture of a healthy pair of lungs beside a yellow and black pair with a warning that smoking causes fatal lung disease.

"Never before in the United States have producers of a lawful product been required to use their own packaging and advertising to convey an emotionally-charged government message urging adult consumers to shun their products," the companies wrote in the lawsuit filed in federal court in Washington.

The lawsuit alleges the warnings no longer simply convey facts to allow people to make a decision, but attempt to emotionally manipulate the public.

Makes you wonder what they thought they were doing with the advertising icons like Joe Camel, doesn't it?  Be cool, be smooth, get the ladies... all with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth. No emotional appeals there, right?

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