Contrary to popular opinion, the potholte is not Michigan's state bird.  It just seems that way.  Sunday's 85 degreee day was followed by a 30 degree night -- the perfect breeding ground for a pothole.

If a politician promised to eradicate the pothole problem by the year 2014,  I'd vote for him or her.  Since that's not likely to happen, we must all report them to the proper authorities who can fix the problem.  Here's what you can you do if you experience a pothole  on "M," "US," or "I" road.  Contact the M-DOT by:

1)  filling out this on-line form

2)  Call the Pothole hotline at (888) 296-4546

3)  Contact your local Transportation Service Center

To report a local pothole problem contact your city or county road commission.

1)  Kent County Road Commission (616) 242-6950 or send an e-mail to potholes@kentcounty

2)  Ottawa County Road Commision:  (616) 842-5400 or use this on-line form.

3.  City of Grand Rapids:  Call (616) 456-3232.

4.  City of Wyoming:  Call (616)  530-7260 or fill out this online form.

5.  City of Holland:  Call (616) 928-2400 or email