Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds has already begun recording his next album, which will be the follow-up to last year's "Love, Marriage & Divorce," his joint project with Toni Braxton.

The crooner, who hasn't released a solo album since 2005's "Grown & Sexy," tells Billboard that fans can expect "a single in September and an album next year, around Valentine's Day."

So, why the quick turnaround? The singer revealed that he was inspired by working with Braxton and helming Aretha Franklin's upcoming project.

"Just doing work here recently with a number of people has just got me back into the mode of writing and wanting to record," he said.

"So, I've been putting things together off to the side, as I always do, and I'm getting ready to beam in on it this summer and have it done by this fall."

He also shared that the disc has a "groove to it -- not dance music, just a groove to it."

He adds that touring with Toni, Frankie Beverly, Charlie Wilson and Kem "inspired me to do a very musical record, which I've always tried to do, anyway."

-- Erick Oloo, The Touch Radio