Bill Secunda is well-known among fans of ArtPrize. His sculptures draw crowds and votes.

This year is likely to be no different.

Secunda's ArtPrize entry for 2014 is a crucifix made of nails.

Bill Secunda has been a regular at ArtPrize, entering every year he has been eligible.

In 2009, Secunda entered “Moose” a sculpture made of nails. The entry finished in 5th place.

In 2010, Secunda returned with another entry made of nails, “Dancing With Lions”. It finished in 7th place.

In 2011, Secunda entered “Mantis Dreaming”.  ”Mantis Dreaming” was a 20-foot-tall steel sculpture and finished in 10th place. The same year a new rule was made which requires top ten finishers to take the next ArtPrize off.

Secunda was not eligible to enter in 2012, but returned in 2013 with "In My Soul", another entry made of nails.

This year's "untitled" is a life-size crucifix made of nails mounted to a wood cross. It will be on display at St. Mark's Episcopal Church at 134 North Division in Grand Rapids during ArtPrize.

Secunda spoke with us about the work that has gone into the piece, it's power, and what's to come:

The crucifix made entirely out of nails is probably one of my longest running creations ever. I have been working on the sculpture for years.

I think it is a very powerful piece when you stand in front of him and look up into his face, his eyes are open he looks back at you.

From now until ArtPrize, I'll be making a few more changes and finishing up his back.

Looking forward to seeing the completed project this fall.


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