Installations have already begun for ArtPrize at many venues including the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

Petroglyph artist, Kevin Sudeith, began installation of his work for GRPM earlier this month.

Sudeith is carving a permanent installation of local fish into rocks along the Grand River.

The project began when Sudeith installed five 3,000-pound Michigan field stones on the bank of the Grand River at GRPM. Since then, he has been carving the life-size fish into the boulders.

Sudeith focused on the river because of its historic importance to the city. Ancient species, like lake sturgeon, contrast with new species to tell the story of the river.

Look for Sudeith carving just south of the Pearl Street Bridge, Monday to Saturday.

Sudeith's entry is one of 15 hosted by GRPM at ArtPrize this year.

ArtPrize runs September 24 - October 12.

Matt Milhouse
Matt Milhouse