There have been so many great entries to ArtPrize this year. Some of it not "art" in the sense that most would think of...and that's a good thing.

Take, for example, the "Junkyard Music Box" in the BOB parking lot. It is really cool.  It's possibly the most interesting exhibit of the year.

At any given time during ArtPrize, the creator - Tom Kaufmann - and his assistant(s) can be found inviting crowd participation in making music.  Kids are having fun, parents are smiling ... and everyone is enjoying an atypical piece of art.

From the ArtPrize website:

The Junkyard Music Box is a human-powered, automated musical sculpture, made of recycled materials. The public will be able to turn a crank, which will rotate an underground storage tank. The piece also includes instruments made from: granite counter-top, open-end wrenches, brake drums, and rotors.

Audiences at the B.O.B are greatly enjoying the JYMB; visitors of all ages love playing the various xylophones and lithophones. Come see, hear, and play the amazing Junkyard Music Box!

I love it!