Last week, Andy Rent blogged about Ripley's Believe It Or Not viewing piece at ArtPrize to purchase for display in one of their museums!

Today when I walked in to our building - the one that houses 100.5 The River AND is an ArtPrize venue - I noticed an additional notation next to the artist statement for one of the pieces.  It read "this entry for ArtPrize 2012 has just been acquired by the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum!  Congratulations Robert!" 

The piece that was purchased is called "History Of the USA Documentary Trailer" by Robert Luczun.

Ripley’s Edward Meyer says ArtPrize is a great way to purchase art.  It's a chance to see 1,500 art pieces all within walking distance.  Meyer says "I don’t think I have ever been to any city except Florence, Italy where everybody is involved. I don’t think there is any city in America that is having that happen for them. What ever ArtPrize is doing they are doing it right 100%.”