Oh, man.  Did you see this story?

There are so many lessons here that it's tough to figure them all out. There are so many questions here that it's tough to figure them all out. There are so many violations of common sense here that' it's tough to figure them all out.

Let's start here.  Man meets woman on SinglesNet.com.  On the first date, she brings her son...and a bag full of clothes.  She claims to not have a place to stay and asks to stay the night.  He agrees.  He gets a bad feeling, but let's her stay anyway.   She stays for a week.

Fast forward to this, from the Tampa Bay Times:

The first crack on the head was blinding.

Bruno had been watching the Yankees-Rays game on his computer Sept. 14 when he felt it. He reeled in his chair and met the pale blue eyes he'd first seen in the profile.

"What the hell?"

Curtis stood behind him clutching a 2 by 4, he said. "You're lucky I ain't kill you two days before," she told him. The 2 by 4 came down mercilessly, he said.

The first hits didn't put him under like they do in the movies. He watched the blood spill out of his head, so much that a cleaning crew would later have to pull up the dining room floorboards because of all the dried blood stuck between them.

He said she beat him 20 times before his world went dark.

Moral of the story?  If you're lonely, don't connect with someone who brings a kid and bag of clothes on a first date.  And for God's sake, don't agree to let them stay in your house if you have a bad gut feeling!