Ah, the Thanksgiving meal.  To me it means wonderful food, prepared with love, and the love of family around you.

We always have a big meal, and most of our family comes to our house.  Some are too far away to make the trip, Dallas, Toronto, Jackson, Mississippi, etc.  But we still have a big gathering with lots of little-ones, too.

Okay, so the meal, dessert, and all, is over and.....what then?  Plop in front of the TV and watch football?  Yep!  But, just for awhile.  Then, we create some of our own fun.  Now, the kids will be running all over the place, but what about the adults?

flickr/ Brian Auer

We always play touch football, if the weather is somewhat good, (not very often, have a ping-pong tournament going, bumper-pool, foosball, maybe a euchre tournament, all the time playing for goofy prizes.  That makes it fun, and believe me, the whole family gets involved and has a blast.

What about you and your family? What do you do for Thanksgiving fun?  Are you active or sedentary?  Let me know.