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Friday – Literal Video Version
We waited patiently for it all month, and it's finally here.
It's David A. Scott's literal translation of the legendary Rebecca Black Video, Friday.
If you've never heard the song, there are a lot of people out there who envy you.
Heart-Shaped Box – Literal Video Version
It was a laugh last week with the literal version of Corey Hart, and David A. Scott has done it again with a new comedy video where the lyrics match what's really going on.
This time David has chosen to riff on Nirvana's hard rock hit, Heart-Shaped Box.
Sunglasses At Night – Literal Video Version
What if the words of a song actually matched the actions going on in the video?
David A. Scott is cranking out a new comedy video every day in April.
Here is his latest "Literal Video" creation, with a little help from Corey Hart.
Meet Denver! The Guilty Looking Dog
I laughed so hard watching this video.  This is so darn funny.   Denver, is one smart dog.  
I don't care what any researcher, doctor, behaviorist etc. says.  Animals express guilt and other emotions;  I see it in my own kitties!  I have heard so many…