Can You Spell Michigan’s Most Misspelled Word?
This week kicks off the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C. so in honor, Google took a look at their trends to find out what word each state most commonly misspells.
What is that word for you? Because for me it's always embarrased (as you can see I just spelled it wrong)...
15 Words That Have Different Meanings in Michigan
Words are a universal thing that have universal definitions, but sometimes depending on where you are in the world those words can have completely different meanings.
Michigan is a unique place with many things that make us stick out from the rest of the country, including certain words...
Fun with Words…Paraprosdokian
Want to have some fun?  Use some Paraprosdokian sentences when speaking.
Say what?
A friend of mine sent me an email that said here's a word he'd, and me for that matter, had never heard of.  And the word is Paraprosdokian!
A Fun Way To Test And Waste Your Time
Since I speak for a living, you'd think I'd have a pretty decent command of the language. For the most part, I think I do. What about you? How would you test yourself..... here is how. Try this test.