weird videos

New Video is Total Weird [Video]
How about having a little fun on this Sunday.
There is a new video that is promising to cause hallucinogenic effects.  I'm serious.  It has gotten a ton of views and sent hundreds of thousands of people on a short trip.
Woman Confesses to a Murder on TV [VIDEO]
Something truly bizarre occurred during a live news report in Knoxville, Tennessee the other day.
While reporting on a stabbing at a housing complex and with cameras rolling, the suspect suddenly showed up and confessed to stabbing her mother three times. While the reporter called 911, the woman expl…
Big Fish Tries to eat Man (video)
This is a really wacky video.
I don't know what this guy was thinking, but it looks as if he's "taunting" a fish...a really BIG fish.
Well, Mr. Fish decides, hey, if you're offering something, I think I'll take a bite...of YOU.