Just Married Couple Visit Sick Grandmother in Hospital [Video]
There was a big wedding planned by Matt and Jamie. The biggest moment of their lives was going to come off without a hitch, or so they thought. The day was wonderful, the ceremony was beautiful, the reception was ready to go, but there actually was one little hitch - Grandma Pat wasn't there.
Dog Chases Woman In Her Wedding Dress
Imagine for a second that your wedding isn't too far off.
Imagine that you walked down the street to Grandma's house to show her your dress.
Imagine you're walking back home and some dummy in your family opens the door and a very excited dog gets out and gives chase...
Facinating Numbers On Marriage And Divorce From The Latest Census
The headline caught my eye but the story is facinating to read.  To see the changing face of American marriage, divorce and baby making is pretty interesting to read.  This is a first-of-its-kind analysis by the Census Bureau.  The study found that people are waiting longer before marrying for the …
Arriving In Style, Limo Style
So, off go the royal couple to their many receptions. Did you see the royal coach? Wonder what that thing goes for by the hour. Vanessa and I did the limo thing for our wedding. Most of us do and isn't that part of the fun? Champagne corks flying everywhere...
Bring On The Party
The Royal Wedding is underway, a mere prelude to the reception. Isn't that what most guys remember...the party. We could do reception stories for days, no doubt you have a few to share. Check out this one.
Police have been trying to track down a wedding party member who allegedly pulled a…

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