Woman Goes on Starbucks Diet for a Year [Video]
Talk about the next Jared maybe?
A Seattle woman fulfilled a New Year's resolution for 2013 by eating and drinking at Starbucks for the whole year. Yikes. Beautiful Existence -- yes, that's really her name -- spent about $500 to $600 on a monthly basis at Starbucks...
Coffee Prices Heating Up
If you're a coffee drinker, you probably know what the words "Tall", "Grande" and "Venti" have in common, and unless you're a staunch mooch, you also know the pain in the wallet that accompanies your beverage of choice.
Sadly, coffee pri…
New Starbucks Logo Released
The new logo for Starbucks was released and -- hold on a second -- it doesn't say Starbucks on it. Chances are most people won't notice, since they will be in a caffeine-haze.