Salvation Army

Volunteering: Enriching yourself and your Community, at the BOB
Calling all young professionals...are you interested in  volunteering?
The Salvation Army is holding an upcoming event for young professionals on November 2nd at The BOB, at noon.
Mike Jandernoa, former CEO and Chairman of Perrigo will be speaking about "Volunteering: enriching Yourself …
Salvation Army Nees Your Help
The Salvation Army is looking for help.
With the holidays just around the corner, we will, again, be greeted by bell ringers around the area, and they are looking for a few good people.  Actually, not just a few.
Today is Doughnut Day
The Salvation Army is celebrating the 75th annual National Doughnut Day today, June 1, by giving away 2,000 free doughnuts from their doughnut partner, Kripsy Kreme.
The Salvation Army is widely credited with popularizing the doughnut in the United State by feeding American soldiers doughnuts during …
Twelve 16 2 Twenty Mystery Revealed
If you've seen the signs around downtown that simply say, and wondered what in the world they were all about, the mystery has been revealed.
The website, which initially only rotated through cryptic messages, now details what is going on.