royal wedding

Palace Preps for Royal Wedding
The royal wedding is just around the corner! Prince William and Kate Middleton will wed on April 29 at Westminster Abbey, followed by a reception at Buckingham Palace.
Prince William And Kate Wedding Postage Stamps On Sale
As the Royal Wedding approaches, April 29th, to be exact.  The little tchotchkes are all coming out of the woodwork.  If a buck can be made off of this wedding, it will be made.  The commemorative Wills & Kate Wedding Mug.  The misprinted commemorative…
Roh, Ro! Royal Wedding Souvenir Has A Mistake
Thought everyone knew that it was Prince William that Kate Middleton was marrying.  Guess not everyone... My guess is that this company did this intentionally to try and drive up demand for a souvenir with a "mistake" on it.  That would make this not collectible...
Kate Flips Cakes with William in Belfast
Kate Middleton and Prince William visited Northern Ireland Tuesday, the latest stop in their pre-wedding tour of the UK.  Photographers caught the royal pair showing off their flapjack  flipping skills outside city hall.
Facebook Bans “Fake” Kates
Sharing a name with a celebrity can't always be easy. I imagine hearing "No Way!" every time you show your ID would get irritating. Recently, several Kate Middletons have found an additional problem:  Facebook deleting their profiles because they share a name with the soo…