What do you do with all Those Easter Eggs? Deviled Eggs!
Okay, it's Monday, Easter was yesterday, and you probably have a dozen or so colored eggs around.  You don't want them to go to waste.  And, just eating a hard-boiled egg is boring.
So why not make one of my favorite foods, deviled eggs?  Now you're talking.
We all have o…
What’s for dinner tonight? Leftovers!
What are we having for dinner tonight?
Fair enough question.  Most of us look forward to dinner, and you'd like to know what to look forward to.  It makes the day so much more fun.
Since I'm the chef of the house most of the time, my wife works and I'm home early, it's up…
This Afternoon At John Russo’s Wine Warehouse And Deli
This was a great day! I always have such fun with John, Frank and the whole darn family at John Russo's Wine Warehouse and Deli! So many facebook friends stopped by today to say hello. One nurse cornered me at the front of the store who read my post on facebook about taking a fall and knocking …