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Mark Wahlberg in Grand Rapids
Mark Wahlberg was spotted in Grand Rapids Tuesday! He enjoyed some lunch at at the JW Marriott downtown, and eventually made his way to Meijer corporate headquarters. Sources say that Mark was at Meijer headquarters to talk about them carrying a line of products that he co-owns, and many have speculated that he might be scouting a location for a new Wahlburgers restaurant...
HELLO! Mark Wahlberg Is In Grand Rapids!!!!
ATTENTION EVERYONE Mark Wahlberg was spotted in Grand Rapids!! More specifically, he was spotted having lunch at the Six One Six Lounge at the JW Marriott according to MLive. They say he was having lunch with his business Manager after what looks to be a round of golf...
Women are More Than Sexual Beings Campaign Creates Shocking Video [Video]
In our world today, especially in advertising, women seem to be portrayed as sexual objects. They are objectified. Fair? Not fair? Not fair for our lives today. I have six daughters, and along with my wife, am well aware of how women are pictured today in order to sell a product. We are overwhelmed by ads showing beautiful women, scantly clad, pitching a beer, car, vacation, yes, a golf course, wh