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Whitecaps put All-Star Classic Autographed Jerseys up for Auction
Are you a collector?  Do you like sports memorabilia? Well, you're in luck! Game-worn jerseys of future MLB stars from the 2014 Midwest League All-Star Classic are going up for auction. They're all autographed and are going up for auction at, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting charity.
Toss me the Ball…Toss me the Ball…Oops! (video)
Every baseball fan goes to a game thinking there's a possibility they'll catch a foul ball or have a ball thrown to them. Few have been so lucky. I found this funny video from a Kansas City Royals game, where this woman was all set to have a ball tossed to her by one of the players, when all of a sudden...
New York Yankees Scared by Thunder (video)
Did you happen to catch the Yankees/Red Sox game the other night? There was a huge storm that struck the area, so, the crew covered the field and the teams went to their respective dugouts to wait it out. Then, the thunder hit.......
Baseball is Back and the Whitecaps are Ready to go
People are getting very excited about baseball this year.  The Detroit Tigers are considered a real contender for the World Series.  And, if spring training is any indication, they just might have a terrific season. All that enthusiasm filters on down to the West Michigan Whitecaps, too.  But it's not just because the Tigers look so promising.   It's the top prospects on this years team, not to me