Monday Morning Fun With a Monday Morning Pun
I'm a sucker for quick, one liner type jokes and puns.  I love them...they make me laugh...they make me happy.  They're groaners and "laughers," I know, but they always put a smile on my face.  And, on a Monday morning, I would say a smile-on-your-face is a…
Kids say the Darndest Things
You know how, when you ask kids something, they will probably tell the truth, through their own eyes, of course.
For instance, when you ask them about God you get real, heart-warming but funny, answers, and, they're always right on the money.
Well, what about marriage?  You know that kids, and I'm tal…
Michelle Obama Says “Laugh With Your Valentine”
Napoleon said, "A woman laughing is a woman conquered."
When I was younger I always placed too much value on the way someone "looked."  I guess it was meant to be that way though.  Maybe that's the way God made us.  What better way to propel the…