Is Laughter Contagious? [Video]
Is laughter contagious? When you see someone laughing, do you begin laughing too?
A New York filmmaker recently conducted a social experiment on a subway car to see if laughter is actually contagious. What do you think?
Laughing Baby/Scared Baby When Mom Blows Her Nose
This video has already gone viral!  This so funny to see.  The mom says she put it up to share with family and friends and well, the rest is history.  The parents were on ABC this morning and have a commercial running with their youtube video...
Michelle Obama Says “Laugh With Your Valentine”
Napoleon said, "A woman laughing is a woman conquered."
When I was younger I always placed too much value on the way someone "looked."  I guess it was meant to be that way though.  Maybe that's the way God made us.  What better way to propel the…