Gilda's LaughFest Announces it's Fifth Anniversary Dates
As fast a this summer seems to be going, March, 2015 will be tomorrow!  But, seriously folks, March, 5 - 15, 2015 will be the 10 funniest days of March, as the nation’s first-ever, community-wide festival of laughter, Gilda’s LaughFest, announced this morning tha…
Maria Bamford is a Funny Lady [VIDEO]
LaughFest wraps up this weekend here in Grand Rapids, and what a great ten-days it will have been.
These past ten days, I've been featuring some of the top, yet less-known, comedians appearing here.  One of the best, Maria Bamford, was in town last Saturday, and I hope you didn't miss …
Ping Pong at the UICA for LaughFest
Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA) is partnering with LaughFest to host a ping-pong tournament and drop-in play at UICA’s newly opened Art Commons during the comedy festival benefiting Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids.
LaughFest Adds More Acts
Gilda's LaughFest is adding more great shows to the 2014 lineup! Some are family friendly and some, well, probably should leave the kids at home. Here's info on a few family-friendly events that have been added:
The Seriously Funny Family Adventure Challenge as part of the Meijer Family Fri…
Gilda’s LaughFest Adds “Funderwear Run”
Gilda's Laughfest is getting set for their biggest and best year yet!  They've added some impressive acts to their lineup this year and even more fun with the "Funderwear Run" on Sunday March 9th!
West Michiganders (and everyone who supports Laughfest) are invited to …

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