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Jimmy Fallon’s Star-Studded ‘Ew!’ Supercut is Essential Viewing
It was inevitable. After less than a year on the air, the Jimmy Fallon-starring 'The Tonight Show' has finally found something to supercut: its own weirdly engaging 'Ew!' talk show. Fallon's take on a teen girl talk show (like all teen girl talk shows, it takes place in a basement and doesn't appear to be broadcast to anyone) explores everything that is particularly gross -- er, "ew" -- to the teens these days. What's gross? Everything. Ew!
Watch Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Aniston Flip Lips [Video]
Jimmy Fallon's 'Lip Flip' must be stopped. It has to end. Sure, the technology that drives this particular 'Tonight Show' segment is vaguely impressive (there are lips! and then they get flipped!), and Fallon and his various guests appear to have a good time pretending to talk out of each other's mouths, but the final execution is so terrifying, so weird, that it can only do one thing: cause nightmares.
Jimmy Fallon, Gwyneth Paltrow Give Broadway Treatment to Hip-Hop Jams
Of course, the real joke of 'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon's adoration for translating current rap and hip hop songs into Broadway versions is simple, it's in the text. It's current songs made into Broadway versions. Easy! But the difference between an okay "Broadway covers" sketch and a great one is how much Fallon and his chosen guest sell it.
'The Animal Guy' on 'Jimmy Fallon'
Did you have a chance go see Jeff "The Animal Guy" Musial at East Grand Rapids Performing Arts Center last fall? Hundreds did and what a show. So many go to meet him and get up-close and personal with some of his animals. I thought this would be fun to share, as Jeff shares his favorite facts about his Siberian lynx, Boomer, with before he went on NBC's "The Tonight Show Starring J
Chris Hemsworth Gets Soaking Wet on ‘The Tonight Show’ Water Wars
It's Water War! Jimmy Fallon's most bizarre and icy cold game yet! A game of chance, and um, hydration, Water War pits the 'Tonight Show' host against an especially down-for-whatever guest (after all, what sort of person would be okay with having water poured all over them on national television? a cool one, that's who!) in a battle to see who can get more soaking, sopping wet. That's the aim of the game, right? No? Then 'Blackhat' star Chris Hemsworth lost? What kind of world is this?!
Jimmy Fallon Realizes That He Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman
Kidman and Fallon have previously met—all celebrities know each other, obviously—but while Fallon remembered their years-ago hang as a sort of weirdly casual thing, Kidman recalls it a bit differently. For Kidman, it was a romantic prospect, and the look on Fallon's face when he realizes what might have been is genuinely priceless. You really blew this one, Fallon.

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